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Zankyou no Terror


What’s interesting and unprecedented about the summer season is that not only did we have the second half of Space Dandy, but we also had another Shinichiro Watanabe original work – Zankyou no Terror, or Terror in Tokyo. And while most of us came into the season feeling a bit lukewarm toward Space Dandy, the hype for Zankyou no Terror was pretty damn high. Shinichiro Watanabe writing a serious drama about two teenage terrorists in Tokyo is one of those things you can’t help get excited for, because it ticks off so many boxes on the “modern classic” checklist.

You have an acclaimed director, a serious, original (both in terms of not being an adaptation as well as having a distinct premise) story, the promise of post-9/11 reflections and themes (Eden of the East left everyone wanting more), and the potential for a lot of excitement, tension and drama. If Space Dandy was Watanabe unleashing his ridiculous, comedic side, then this would be the same for his mature, sombre, considered side. Needless to say, just the very announcement sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation across the fandom, and – much like Space DandyZankyou no Terror was destined to be memorable even if it bombed.

We figured it would explode in popularity

We figured it would explode in popularity!


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