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How the hell was this actually any good?

I mean, the first season was not strictly bad, just weird, inconsistent and hit-and-miss. Incomprehensible, non-sequiturial nonsense that sometimes had a good joke but mostly just got mild laughs out of confusion. Somehow, though, Ai-Mai-Mi: Mousou Catastrophie managed to actually be half-decent.

I can’t tell if it had refined its sense of humour or if I’ve just become vaguely familiarised to it, but on some level it works better this time. There’s the vaguest resemblance of focus and even an over-arching plot, and that helps tremendously, but for the most part it just… has legitimately funny moments? That also rely on non-sequitur for surprise and unexpectedness as opposed to mere randomness?

Christ, one episode even managed to be creepy as all hell, and it was hilarious as a result. If that’s not indicative of them getting something right this time around, I don’t know would be.



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Ai Mai Mi


Nonsensical and non-sequitur based humour is incredibly difficult to pull off. Even Monty Python, the gold standard for this kind of comedy, could be incredibly hit-and-miss. But when something succeeds at it, the results can be hilarious in a surreal, subversive way; when they fail, it can end up resembling the worst kind of lolrandumb output of an internet-addled teenager.

Ai Mai Mi is, by and large, the latter.

Ostensibly, Ai Mai Mi is a series of 3 minute shorts about four girls in an after-school manga club – Ai, Mai, Mi and Ponoka – as they deal with all manner of weirdness in their day-to-day life. What we actually get is a string of incoherent and entirely disconnected skits that rely on their absurdity to get laughs instead of any actual, y’know, jokes. There’s no build up, no payoff, no characterization, no intelligence, nothing that could really be construed as comedy.

Not to say it’s entirely without merit or unwatchable – there’s a certain amount of amusement to be gleamed from its inherent strangeness, and there’s definitely a couple of genuinely hilarious moments – it’s just that Ai Mai Mi is more mildly confusing than actually funny.

Nice ED though.


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