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Hahahahaha, 2016, oh wow. It sure has been a year! While it’s been crappy to exist in, it’s been pretty alright for escapist media! And from my perspective, there’s been a lot of good anime – enough that cutting down to 10 was actually difficult.

As always, I’m counting ‘2016 anime’ as series that ended in a 2016 season and films that I first had the opportunity to watch in 2016. So if it started in the autumn season of 2015 but finished at the end of the winter 2016 season, that would count; if it started in the autumn season of 2016 but won’t finish until the end of the 2017 winter season, it won’t. For split cours, I just go with my gut. In short, unless I’ve been able to put a score on it I won’t be considering it – prematurely enshrining how great something is when it isn’t even half over is a bad idea!

So with that out of the way, onto my top 10 anime of 2016! Ah, but first, a few series that didn’t quite make the cut…


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The best introduction I can give Amanchu! is that the original manga is by Amano Kozue – the mangaka behind Aria. And like Aria, Amanchu! is an iyashikei – or ‘healing’ – anime. You can expect a slow pace, charming characters, and an upbeat story that leaves you feeling refreshed and all the more positive about life and the world.

Amanchu! is significantly more grounded than Aria, mind you (no pun intended). Gone are the terraformed Martian landscapes of Neo-Venezia, the fame of the Undine, and the wide scope of seeing everything the world has to offer and then some; Amanchu! is set in contemporary Japan, and follows the schoolgirls Hikari (‘Pikari’) and Futaba (‘Teko’) as they enjoy their time in the diving club. Instead of exploring the stories of everyone Akari meets and letting that shape her, the focus is squarely on Futaba and her growth as a person.

Aria was a contemplative, philosophical, humanist work about the beauty in people’s lives and the goings-on happening around you. Amanchu! opts for something more personal and intimate.

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