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I quit playing Cardfight!! Vanguard this year. I suggested I would last year, but it took me until November to call it an end. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make as it had been a big part of my life over the past 3 or so years – I met new people, travelled a bit, spent way too much money and had a ton of fun – but it was a necessary one for my time, my wallet and my fucking sanity.

Because Vanguard is not a good game. In fact it’s terrible. Irredeemably, fundamentally bad. The problems are present top to bottom, from core mechanics, through Bushiroad’s handling all the way to the player community. Taking a step back, it’s so easy to see it for what it is.

But I think some context and my history with the game is important before I dive into that. I started playing in the summer of 2014, after graduating from uni. I turned up at my friend’s place for our RPG night to find them grouped around the table playing a card game – Vanguard – and suggested I give it a shot. I flatly said no, as I didn’t want to get suckered into a moneysink hobby. Eventually they convinced me to play a game with one of their decks (a game which I won), and I distinctly remember that my exact words after that were: “oh, fuck you guys.” I was hooked already.

(In retrospect, picking up a children’s card game as soon as I entered the real, adult world probably says a lot about me, but whatever – I was enjoying myself.)


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I’ve mentioned before, but I play Cardfight!! Vanguard. Have done for approaching 2½ years now, and have spent several hundred pounds and countless hours on it.

It may soon become “played”. Bushiroad, the game and the community surrounding it are not going places that fill me with hope, and my interest is dropping like a rock.

Given how much energy and passion I’ve put into it in the past, and given that it has an anime and mostly anime-style art, I felt this warranted a post.

(Warning: this post is long, unnecessarily  and makes no attempt to make sense to people who don’t also play this crappy anime card game)


I mean, this year started well! The Neo Nectar support in set 6 helped the clan tremendously, and given the Ahsha deck is one of my main decks I was thrilled to have that much needed boost in consistency and power. Then they announced Fighter’s Collection 2016 and with it the introduction of G guardians, a much needed boost to the defensive side of a game where aggression was getting a bit silly that also represented an opportunity to bring in a bit more interactivity (which it did in many cases after this first batch)! And then I went to Springfest with a bunch of friends for a team tournament, where we placed 30th out of 54 – not too bad for a first tournament, even if my deck dragged us down (I personally went 2-4…). It was looking like such a good year for Vanguard for me!

But then came the summer…


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