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Y’know, there hasn’t really been anything I watched this year that got me angry. No Guilty Crown, no Sword Art Online, not even a Psycho-Pass 2 to piss me off even a bit. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been shows that were incomprehensibly, surprisingly bad though.

See Charlotte. Oh [Charlotte]. You entered this world with such promise – a Key original series that eschewed many of the typical Key plot beats early on and with an amazing bastard of a main character – but I guess you just couldn’t keep it together for long. I was perfectly willing to overlook some of the early melodrama involving Yusa, because it was brief and nothing particularly significant. Even the mid-series shock twist with Ayumi could have been so much worse – the only bad thing to say about it was that it was far too sudden to have any real emotional impact.

No, Charlotte went appropriately off the rails when depicting Yuu’s inability to cope in episode 7 following certain… events.

Spoilers ahead, not that I'd recommend watching this mind you

Spoilers ahead, not that I’d recommend watching this



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Even if you’re not familiar with the name ‘Jun Maeda’, you’ve almost certainly heard of his works – Clannad, Kanon, Little Busters!, or Angel Beats! ring any bells? His works are highly regarded by the wider anime community, but among my aniblogging peers he’s a far more contentious figure. It’s not hard to see why – his stories employ heavy melodrama and scenarios that stretch belief in a range of ways, and if you’re prone to casting a critical eye then reasons to criticise can be found all over them. As for me though, I’m actually quite a fan of his output barring a couple of exceptions (first season of Little Busters! was not good and Angel Beats! was just emotionally manipulative at the end). I love the atmosphere he cultivates so well and apparently I’m just a softie for tragedy.

So it was with this that I looked forward to Charlotte with a whole lot less trepidation than others. I feel the first episode rewarded that attitude, because it was damn hilarious. Combined with the setting of a school for adolescents with strange abilities and the premise of the school council finding other teenagers abusing their powers (into which Yu, our main character, has been shanghaied), and I’d say Charlotte demonstrated a lot of promise.

You'll be wiping that smug look off your face by the end of this

You’ll be wiping that smug look off your face by the end of this


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