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2016 didn’t really end when it became 2017 and this hellscape of a world continues to get increasingly stupid and hostile, but hey! At least the anime was good.

These are my favourites from this year! I’m only including series that completed this year (i.e. if it’s a multi-cours series, it gets counted if the final cours aired this year. So March Comes in Like a Lion counts but March Comes in Like a Lion 2 does not) and films if I actually got the chance to watch them this year. Why top 14? Too many good shows, and I couldn’t cut any of them. It’s been a good year for me!

Without any further ado, let’s begin.



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Land of the Lustrous has gone from strength to strength over its run. From the utterly captivating premise and aesthetics to the highly distinct and entertaining personalities in all the gems, it demands your attention from the very beginning. But it’s the sheer emotional complexity of Phosphophyllite that’s the star of the show – their fantastical, naïve dreams of joining the fights against the Lunarians stands as a stark rejection of their physical limitations, with a profoundly lazy attitude and a personality that refuses to accept any responsibility for their actions or goals, ultimately leading them to relative isolation as nobody really trusts or respects them. Despite how deeply flawed Phos is, they’re still sympathetic because of how painfully relatable they are. God knows I see too much of myself in them.

When Phos messes up, they can – at best – cause a huge headache for everyone involved, or – at worst – seriously endanger others. Phos doesn’t want that, not at all. Phos isn’t malicious. But they are lazy, they do shirk responsibility, they do deflect blame, and, unsurprisingly, that does breed resentment in others. But Phos doesn’t want that either. And because Phos isn’t entirely lacking in self-awareness, Phos wants to change. They want to be useful, they want to be powerful, they want to be respected. But they can’t make the changes required to get there, instead falling back on unhealthy, damaging habits time and again, because Phos simply doesn’t have the mental or emotional capability to make those changes.

Because Phos is depressed and full of self-loathing.

MAJOR spoilers ahead for pretty much the entire series


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