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As I did last year, I’ll be participating in the 12 days of anime aniblogging project, wherein I’ll be posting once a day until Christmas about memorable anime-related moments I got to experience this year. So let’s get started with the first such moment for me in 2013!

Well, assuming a ‘moment’ can last 10 minutes, that is. Because there’s no way I couldn’t discuss the first half of the first episode of the winter season series Kotoura-san. The premise given before the series aired was intriguing but not exactly detailed – all it really said was that it was a highschool rom-com about the eponymous and psychic Kotoura. Nothing to get super hyped about, but the fact the main character was psychic definitely caught my interest and got me to check it out. Of course, watching a series under such a flimsy desire meant that first impressions would count for a lot, and BOY did Kotoura-san give one hell of a first impression.


It all left a bit of an impression on her as well


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First impressions mean everything. They can make or break a series: crap first episode, no-one will want to keep watching it; great first episode, and it can generate a ton of early positive buzz, even drawing watchers in who would have otherwise passed by it. Beyond this, that first impression will set the tone for at least the immediate future for the series and the discussion surrounding it. And to say that Kotoura-san left one hell of a first impression would be putting it all too mildly.

From the previews and synopses and stuff it looked like your standard after-school club s’life, but with a twist! The twist is psychic powers. Or to be more precise, the eponymous Kotoura’s ability to read minds. Nothing particularly remarkable, but no reason to be suspicious or anything.

And then the first episode was one long chain of tragedy and misery and depression and despair and oh god oh god oh god ;_;

Yeah, it got people talking. Hard.

Unfortunately, a first impression is just that: the first of many impressions, one that won’t necessarily last and is frankly unimportant compared to the final impression.


Off to an upbeat start then


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