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2016 didn’t really end when it became 2017 and this hellscape of a world continues to get increasingly stupid and hostile, but hey! At least the anime was good.

These are my favourites from this year! I’m only including series that completed this year (i.e. if it’s a multi-cours series, it gets counted if the final cours aired this year. So March Comes in Like a Lion counts but March Comes in Like a Lion 2 does not) and films if I actually got the chance to watch them this year. Why top 14? Too many good shows, and I couldn’t cut any of them. It’s been a good year for me!

Without any further ado, let’s begin.


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Rare is it that anime allows provide any novel or interesting insight about something I have particular knowledge in. My hobbies are watching anime and playing games and my job is programming – in short, I’m exactly half of fucking twitter, and most of them can talk about this stuff 10 times better than I. But New Game!! finally gave me an opportunity! For once, I could present and discuss a perspective that might be unfamiliar to others! For you see, I’m not simply a programmer – I’m a software engineer. In practice that means I’m basically a programmer, except 90% of my day job is a load of bullshit that gets in the way of coding. But the important thing to note is that it is important bullshit, and THIS is where New Game!! comes in.

Episode 11. The programming intern Naru is blazing through her assignments and flaunts Umiko’s praise for her speed in front of Nene. Nene and Naru don’t exactly see eye to eye, for many reasons I won’t get into right now, but what you need to know is that Nene is stuck doing debugging for the crunch, even though she’d much rather be getting more programming practice in – Naru, knowing this, takes the opportunity to rub it in and make herself look better.


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New Game!


Many people – myself included – thought that Shirobako was just going to be another cute-girls-doing-cute-things series, but about making anime. This lasted about as long as it took for us to see Aoi’s bleary eyes, whereupon it became clear that this was going to not pull any punches the realities of the anime industry, for better and for worse.

New Game! is basically what we thought Shirobako was going to be. But about making games instead of anime.

Well, specifically it’s about the character design department of a game studio with a couple of others there too, but close enough!

This is probably enough to tell you whether this is your kinda thing or not already, but I think there’s enough in this show to warrant a discussion a bit less reductionist than that!

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