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The Semi;Colon meta-franchise is back with Occultic;Nine, and this time it’s seemingly openly embracing the paranormal instead of going full-on science! The drama and conspiracies haven’t gone anywhere, mind you, and it’s far from a rejection of the pseudo-science that defines the meta-franchise.

256 corpses appear in a nearby lake; Yuuta Gamon, a high school student who runs a blog on the paranormal (with the aim of making a living off the ad revenue), sees it as a golden opportunity for his site. Unfortunately, he gets caught up in something far bigger and far more mysterious – along with 8 other individuals across all stripes.

In a first for the Semi;Colon ‘franchise’, Occultic;Nine started life as a light novel, not a visual novel. This, in tandem with a premise rooted in the supernatural and otherworldly, very clearly sets it apart from its predecessors. So how does it stack up?




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