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Did you have a good year? I hope so. My 2015 was alright. Pretty unremarkable, a couple of new experiences, but mostly just been working. But for anime though, it’s been interesting I guess. I wouldn’t call 2015 a bad year for anime by any stretch, but thinking back on what I watched while writing this top 10 I was struck by how few series really left a major impact in the fandom, and more importantly how few left much of an impression on me. I think I’d overall characterise it as a solid, if unassuming, year for anime. Still, there’ve been at least a few that I’ll be remembering for a while, and enough that I wasn’t struggling for things to include!

Now, the definition I’m working with for ‘2015 anime’ is pretty broad, but a lot of other people are using it too so it’s nothing too radical or unexpected. It’s what I’ve been using for previous years: a series counts if it finished in 2015, and a film counts if it was first available for me to watch this year. I feel this is pretty sensible – you can’t exactly consider a show “best of the year” if it hasn’t even finished yet, shows that started last year wouldn’t get a chance otherwise, and expecting me to consider a film that I could’ve only watched in a cinema in Japan is just silly.

Before we get to the top 10, I want to talk about some anime that didn’t quite make the cut, but definitely deserve a shoutout.


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Ore Monogatari!! was really fun with a wonderfully cute relationship between Takeo and Yamato. It was funny, it was heart-warming, it was a really authentic take on the emotional component of two teens in love. But who cares about those two when you’ve got Sunakawa and Takeo’s beautiful bromance.

But at the start, it seemed a touch one-sided. Sunakawa evidently enjoyed Takeo’s company, but I got the impression that he didn’t necessarily need him. They were such a non-matching pair, and Sunakawa always comes across as aloof and not particularly needing nor caring hugely for the companionship of others. He’s rejected every girl that asked him out for Pete’s sake! Surely, surely he and Takeo are only friends because Takeo is so aggressively forward about it. Surely Takeo puts more weight into this relationship than Sunakawa?


Wrong. All those girls he turned down? It was because they were always mocking Takeo behind his back. Sunakawa cares so deeply for Takeo that he won’t have anything to do with those that disrespect him. Sunakawa is more than ready to put Takeo’s happiness before his own. Sunakawa is aloof and quiet, keeping his thoughts and motives to himself, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t silently supporting Takeo every step of the way.

Sunakawa is the broest of bros. An inspiration to us all, and someone I want to be more like.


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