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The Shin Megami Tensei series always struggled to really catch on in the west. In Japan, it’s huge – not Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest huge, but it’s up there. Why couldn’t it succeed over here? The developers not really trying to get it over here naturally plays a fairly large part, but there are other things too – the incredibly deep gameplay, often brutal difficulty and just the inherent Japaneseyness makes it a tough sell, with the few localizations that existed being… poor, to say the least. Well, this all changed with Persona 3, which was a massive success – well, not a massive mainstream success but it was critically lauded and still did great commercially – and was many people’s first introduction with Shin Megami Tensei. The follow up, Persona 4, possibly did even better, streamlining certain aspects of the series, expanding others, and generally making it a bit easier to get into but in a way that didn’t make it feel like a cheap grab for a larger audience. At any rate, it was a great success and an absolutely wonderful game.

Localization isn’t the only problem the franchise has faced. In a way that’s not too different, the various attempts at adapting the various stories into animated form has generally always ended up with something that can be best described as ‘atrocious’. So while I was excited to see that such a fantastic game like Persona 4 would become an anime series, I still had to approach it with trepidation given the poor jobs done of the series in the past. Is it a good adaption? Does it work as a standalone series? Or did it crash-and-burn into awfulness like all the other attempts before it?

No spoilers for the anime or game here


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