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If you’ve heard of Rozen Maiden it’s probably because of (or at least, indirectly) A Certain Website’s love, back in the day, of one particular character with one red eye, one green eye, and a habit of ending most sentences in a distinctively pronounced “desu”. If you’ve watched the first two Rozen Maiden series you may have come to the same conclusion I did that, while they’re far from bad, they’re lacking in certain ways. Aside from the poor production values, it could never really settle on whether it was an action/drama series about the so-called ‘Alice Game’ along with Jun’s social anxiety, or slapstick, character-driven comedy about Jun having to take care of a bunch of supernatural dolls. Unable to choose one or effectively pair the two, along with some weak writing in general, the earlier Rozen Maiden entries were ones I did enjoy, but not as much as I could have and wanted to. I was still pretty satisfied by the end, but was left wanting a bit.

This is where I would say how excited I was then when Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen was announced, but like many people I only watched the originals after the announcement, being generally aware that it was a Big Deal and I should probably look into it. Watching them actually filled me more with trepidation than anything else; a franchise coming back after several years of nothing hasn’t historically been great, and Studio DEEN was going to be handling that. Further, this wouldn’t be a straight sequel, instead adapting the mangaka’s second go at telling Rozen Maiden. So basically, I had no idea what to expect going in.

Depression, apparently

I should have expected depression, apparently


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