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Did you like the first season of Wooser? Then you’ll like this one!

Really, there isn’t much more to say about this – it’s basically more of the same, although it is a bit better. The referential humour uses much more recent series this time around, the jokes are generally a fair bit funnier, there’s greater characterisation (how there’s any characterisation is beyond me, mind you), and it overall feels like a more focused and polished little product. Everything in my review of the first series still very much applies, but they’ve definitely refined the concept since then.

You want a short little series about a gluttonous, lecherous bunny thing that’s actually pretty funny? Wooser is for you, and now there’s more of it to watch. Can’t really complain about that.




P.S. God DAMN the ED is the best fucking thing ever and completely and utterly justifies the existence of this sequel even if it were the case that nothing else does.



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