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WWW.Working!!, an adaptation of Takatsu Karino’s webcomic, sits side-by-side with Working!! with the same premise but different characters – that is, it’s also a workplace comedy following the dysfunctional staff at a branch of the Wagnaria family restaurant chain. There’s no direct connection between the two series, but if you’ve seen Working!! then this will be comfortably familiar. The sense of humour remains the same, the characters are still anything but normal, and the romantic elements will sneak up and charm you all over again.

Yet it remains resolutely different. There are few characters that occupy the same functional role, and when they do they’re only minor characters, so you won’t be getting déjà vu anytime soon. This opens up a lot of new ground to explore in a setup that had already been covered extensively (or at least as much as you can get out of a workplace sitcom), ideally giving you more Working!! but from a fresh, new perspective! But different does not mean better, and WWW.Working!! is saddled with quite a few issues…




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